During COVID there´s been many information around the world on mental health issues specially with employees. There is also significant information by psychologies that many people were faced with OSD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and panic attack.


PC First Aid recognizes the importance of mental and emotional well-being of employees. We are IT company also cooperate with Health Institutions and psychologies, and we try at this moment to works towards improving the behavioral healthcare of the emerging market workforce especially in stressful industries like advertising and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), but also with others. It would be a personalized platform for employees, companies, and organizations who do not have on-site counselors or therapists but have a need for behavioral health services. The platform aims to the gap between care providers or psychologists and employees by matching its users and payers with the right care providers based on their preferred budget, schedule, and medium of virtual interaction. It would be very interactive. By doing this, the company aims to improve the user’s life, lessen the user’s potential medical expenses arising from not addressing mental health concerns, boost the user’s overall productivity, as well as help care providers, get new customers, add revenue streams, and cut costs.


As for the platform we would need IT expert to make the application, graphic designer, and Health institutions to be involved.

Ciljne skupine

All companies, employees, outsources categories and everybody who need help and or have question on mental health issues at the moment.


Health institutionsin BiH who are ready for digital transformation and willing to be part of this platform, including psychologies. We can also make collaboration with private ordinations, who are corporate-social health responsible.

Finansijski okvir

Implementation would cost 5.000 BAM Estimated time of delivery: 60 days


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